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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Real Hustle

Above is an example clip of The Real Hustle

I was watching some of the videos from this show on and I simply had to review this. You can find the official site at .

The point behind this show is to show people all the scams used by con artists and how you can prevent it.

The people of this show will litterally pickpocket, rob houses, steal credit card info etc. They then go back to the person they scammed and return the items etc and tell them how they could have prevented it. The people being scammed are generally set up by a friend or family and have no idea what is going on. They are then asked if the tape can be aired on tv. It is then displayed for our viewing pleasure and information.

Some of my favourite scenes from the show so far are the hotel scam. Christmas house robbery (locksmith lets girl in without realising she is a robber)

On their site you can get info like episode guide, how to hustle your mates for fun, best hustles etc.

I really recommend checking them out, I was amazed at what I saw.

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