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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ubuntu Operating System - Free And Awesome

Ubuntu is a great alternative to Windows. Best of all it's completely free.

Free Software For All Your Needs

Not to mention any software needs you have like office products, photo editing etc are free as well and also easily found in the Ubuntu Software Centre in Ubuntu's easy to use categorised Menu. To find for instance a DVD burning program just open up the Ubuntu Software Centre and type "dvd" a list of dvd related software comes up. You then select the one you want based on it's description and hit install. The software automatically installs into the right categories in your menu with no click next for this and click next for that like Windows.

Not Windows :-)

Ubuntu is based on an operating system type called Linux. A lot of applications we use to day like the FireFox web browser which is one of the most commonly used browser have come from Linux.

Easy Social Networking - Straight On Your Desktop

It has a lot of great features like built in email reader that notifies you of new emails. A built in chat window so you can connect to facebook, msn, myspace etc straight on your desktop and chat without having to log in as it does it for you. You can even download skype from the software centre.

Multiple Desktops = Less Clutter on your screen

You don't have to have a cluttered desktop with the multiple desktops you can 2 or more desktops. That way you can have your Media player and the large file copy from your hard drive in one window. In the second window you can have the Internet Browser doing some research and so on. It is extremely easy to switch between desktops.

Easily Access System Settings

The menu for accessing system settings is right ther on your desktop in an easy to use menu. The makers of Ubuntu also assume that when you select a setting thats what you want so there is no "Apply" button. Just make your selections and hit close. Once you hit close the settings are applied.

No Antivirus Needed

Also you don't have to worry about viruses on Ubuntu as Linux is a lot more secure.

I use Ubuntu myself on all my computers. I have what is called a dual boot. I installed windows. Then I installed Ubuntu on the same hard drive using roughly 20GB on average or more. This way I can use Ubuntu for everything but gaming. Because I like to play my heavy games I play them on Windows because it is hard to get windows games to run on Ubuntu.


Ubuntu is FAST not like windows. Although I have to say Windows 7 has been a big improment on Microsoft's behalf. But Ubuntu loads so fast. It is also a great idea for older machines because the actual operating system only takes up 1-2GB of space and runs very well on old systems.

Try It Before You Install

Ubuntu can be downloaded and put onto a CD. You can then either boot into the CD and install it or you can "Run" Ubuntun to try it without any change to your computer or installation needed straight from the CD. Visit For more details on how to do that.

You can check youtube for videos on the new Ubuntu 10.10 and a really cool add-on called Compiz Fusion to show you some really cool 3D stuff you can do with your desktop and also turn the multiple desktops to have 3 changes between them with a cube shape etc. Compiz allows windows to close in flames etc. It is a really fun add-on to play with and can make Ubuntun look truly awesome with a little tweaking of the settings.

Visit for more details.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Online Games

I like to play games here and there in my spare time. One place that I really like is

They have a range of free to play games to choose from. One of my favourite being Gunz The Dual. This is a game that takes shootem ups to the next level. There is a whole new level of skilled players on there that you won't see coming. Luckily they have rooms for each level type eg lvl 1- 5 then lvl 6-10 etc. So beginners can find their bearings before joining the slaughter.

There are soldier games and games for everyone like poker and luminary a fantasy world based on characters defeating monsters and leveling up.

I love going here for fun games and can spend hours lost in the many worlds presented to me in their site.

If you like online games or are looking to get into online gaming I suggest you take a peek at

The Real Hustle

Above is an example clip of The Real Hustle

I was watching some of the videos from this show on and I simply had to review this. You can find the official site at .

The point behind this show is to show people all the scams used by con artists and how you can prevent it.

The people of this show will litterally pickpocket, rob houses, steal credit card info etc. They then go back to the person they scammed and return the items etc and tell them how they could have prevented it. The people being scammed are generally set up by a friend or family and have no idea what is going on. They are then asked if the tape can be aired on tv. It is then displayed for our viewing pleasure and information.

Some of my favourite scenes from the show so far are the hotel scam. Christmas house robbery (locksmith lets girl in without realising she is a robber)

On their site you can get info like episode guide, how to hustle your mates for fun, best hustles etc.

I really recommend checking them out, I was amazed at what I saw.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Make Money With 6dgr - FREE

UPDATE: 6DGR is no longer operating... But There is another site you can make money from visit this post I made about Yuwie Click Here

I recently came across this site called 6dgr and I would have to say they have a very good social networking site.

It is FREE TO JOIN and you get money for referring people and those people referring people and for those people referring people.

Basically you get $4 for everyone you refer. Then If they refer someone you get $3 and if that person refers someone you get $2.

So if you were to refer between 5 and 10 people you would get a little bit of residual income while they refer people for you. Or you could try real hard and build your referral income into the 1000's a month.

Either way I have begun sending people to the site to earn myself some extra income.

You can network your site or meet new people, you could even do both. You can upload your pictures, music, movies. You can start a blog.

So why don't you go check out the site by clicking the link

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yuwie Update

This site is better than I thought it would be. People are working hard to help you get more page views and friends so you can earn more money. It helps them to because by adding you as a friend it means you are likely to read their stuff and make them money.

You can pick from thousands of profile layouts and you can add your site/blog as an RSS feed on your profile. You can even start your own blog and upload videos and pictures.

I have really enjoyed using Yuwie. My friends list has grown so fast and people are really nice.

I suggest you go check it out. Its another great way to network you site or affiliate links.

CLICK HERE to visit Yuwie. You will be joined up after me and I will help you get more money by telling people to add you. People in yuwie try to help their referrals.

Don't forget you earn money for viewing things to and being active.

Here is a little trick to help get you started making lots of money on Yuwie. People do this because they know it will help them so get this letter below and go to browse button after you sign up send this as a message to at least ten people after you follow the instructions.

Get More Page Views

Message >>>>

Do the steps below like this.


Open / copy paste 10 profiles below and add as friends












Put your ID into the upper line and delete one ID in the lowest line [line 10]


Send this tips to all your friends or through comment at least 10 persons
You will suprised with what you see...

10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = page views at your YUWIE


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yuwie - like myspace but you get paid to use it.

I came across this site called Yuwie Its awesome. It a site like but they pay you for using their site. You also get paid for inviting friends and when they browse the site.

From what I can gather businesses pay to advertise on their site. every time you add content e.g. photo, video, blog post and it get viewed you get paid. This is because of the advertisements on it. It is only a small amount each time but it all builds up especially if you get your friends and family to join and they earn for you to while earning for themselves.

I suggest you check Yuwie out if you like social networks. Who wouldn't want to earn money for meeting new people, talking to family and friends, and putting videos etc online.

so if you want to make money while having fun a guarantee you will want to check out Yuwie so CLICK HERE.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Link Referral

I am writing this review because I think this site is of the highest quality when it comes to driving traffic to your site. I use it for a few of my sites.

This site works on people visiting sites that interest them and writing reviews. This gives this helps them to raise there position in the directory. These people would not look at your site if they didn't have some kind of an interest in that topic.

You can start getting visitors almost immediately. All of my sites have started getting 6 or more visitors a day from the first or second day of joining. You get more traffic as you go through the site. Best thing is you start near the top of your listing category not the bottom. This is why you get great traffic almost immediately. And it is easy to stay on the first page.

Click Below to visit and get your traffic.

I review any site that Pays me to. Get traffic to your site and get unique visitors.