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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Make Money With 6dgr - FREE

UPDATE: 6DGR is no longer operating... But There is another site you can make money from visit this post I made about Yuwie Click Here

I recently came across this site called 6dgr and I would have to say they have a very good social networking site.

It is FREE TO JOIN and you get money for referring people and those people referring people and for those people referring people.

Basically you get $4 for everyone you refer. Then If they refer someone you get $3 and if that person refers someone you get $2.

So if you were to refer between 5 and 10 people you would get a little bit of residual income while they refer people for you. Or you could try real hard and build your referral income into the 1000's a month.

Either way I have begun sending people to the site to earn myself some extra income.

You can network your site or meet new people, you could even do both. You can upload your pictures, music, movies. You can start a blog.

So why don't you go check out the site by clicking the link

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