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Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Online Games

I like to play games here and there in my spare time. One place that I really like is

They have a range of free to play games to choose from. One of my favourite being Gunz The Dual. This is a game that takes shootem ups to the next level. There is a whole new level of skilled players on there that you won't see coming. Luckily they have rooms for each level type eg lvl 1- 5 then lvl 6-10 etc. So beginners can find their bearings before joining the slaughter.

There are soldier games and games for everyone like poker and luminary a fantasy world based on characters defeating monsters and leveling up.

I love going here for fun games and can spend hours lost in the many worlds presented to me in their site.

If you like online games or are looking to get into online gaming I suggest you take a peek at

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