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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yuwie Update

This site is better than I thought it would be. People are working hard to help you get more page views and friends so you can earn more money. It helps them to because by adding you as a friend it means you are likely to read their stuff and make them money.

You can pick from thousands of profile layouts and you can add your site/blog as an RSS feed on your profile. You can even start your own blog and upload videos and pictures.

I have really enjoyed using Yuwie. My friends list has grown so fast and people are really nice.

I suggest you go check it out. Its another great way to network you site or affiliate links.

CLICK HERE to visit Yuwie. You will be joined up after me and I will help you get more money by telling people to add you. People in yuwie try to help their referrals.

Don't forget you earn money for viewing things to and being active.

Here is a little trick to help get you started making lots of money on Yuwie. People do this because they know it will help them so get this letter below and go to browse button after you sign up send this as a message to at least ten people after you follow the instructions.

Get More Page Views

Message >>>>

Do the steps below like this.


Open / copy paste 10 profiles below and add as friends












Put your ID into the upper line and delete one ID in the lowest line [line 10]


Send this tips to all your friends or through comment at least 10 persons
You will suprised with what you see...

10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = page views at your YUWIE


1 comment:

Chris said...

Great Post, Yuwie is really easy to promote, Ive got hundreds of referrals earning me loads each month which Im happy with :)

I use this site to get my referrals: