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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yuwie - like myspace but you get paid to use it.

I came across this site called Yuwie Its awesome. It a site like but they pay you for using their site. You also get paid for inviting friends and when they browse the site.

From what I can gather businesses pay to advertise on their site. every time you add content e.g. photo, video, blog post and it get viewed you get paid. This is because of the advertisements on it. It is only a small amount each time but it all builds up especially if you get your friends and family to join and they earn for you to while earning for themselves.

I suggest you check Yuwie out if you like social networks. Who wouldn't want to earn money for meeting new people, talking to family and friends, and putting videos etc online.

so if you want to make money while having fun a guarantee you will want to check out Yuwie so CLICK HERE.

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